Environmental Policy

Apollo Commitment

At Apollo Janitorial Supplies LTD. We have always supported the use of bulk fill products and have always been committed to minimising the environmental impact of our business operations.

We are already dealing with companies that have set policies in place with regards to the environment. We are fully committed to the environment and environmental management and follow the standards set out in British Standard EN ISO 9002 and 14001.

Environmental Impacts

  • All supplies purchased through our subsidiaries are checked for environmental impact.
  • All new products are investigated and recorded for their environmental effects before use and acceptance as part of a continuing commitment to the environment.
  • We manage all waste generated by our business in accordance with our policy of “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.”
  • Our aerosols are carbon and CFC free with pump dispenser use being preferred.

We are working towards continual improvements in our environmental performance and periodically review our established methods and system. We comply with all applicable UK, Euro and International legislation. In addition to this we recognise the increased impact of the environment that cleaning products are having and are fully committed to promoting the Apollo Euro Eco Accreditation. We shall continue to improve our environmental performance and integrate recognised applicable best practice into our business operations.