Environmentally Green

Over the past 20 years, Apollo Janitorial Supplies Ltd. has undertaken a vast amount of research into the plastics industry and continues to support the ethos of "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle." 

There is currently a huge demand for recycled plastics and that's the main incentive behind our promotion of recyclable plastic bags and sacks.

'Virgin' plastics can create up to 2.27 tons of CO2 per ton manufactured. Furthermore, creating a ton of virgin plastics uses around 89,500 MJ of energy and can release harmful chemicals such as phosphates, ammonia, hydrocarbons, methane and acid gases directly into the environment. 

Wherever possible our plastics are sourced from recycled materials, thus avoiding further creation of these harmful by-products and saving tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. 

While the fact remains that approximately 3%-4% of global oil or natural gas resources are used to make all plastics, we must face the fact that banning plastics would not create more fuel, it would simply create 3%-4% of wasted material that would be burned off in refineries.

If you are concerned about the space that plastic bags take on landfill sites, then don't panic. Plastic takes up far less space than paper, metals, glass or reusable bags when they're disposed of. Eliminating plastics would only fill our landfills faster.

In the current economical climate, there has been a substantial increase in suppliers cutting corners on the quality of plastic refuse sacks. We support the practice highlighted by the CHSA in this article published in a recent edition of C & M Magazine. We only offer quality products.  

You can be certain that you are getting what you are paying for with Apollo. 

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